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Published by: Dr.RAVINDRANATH GOLLAR on 11-May-21
Worldprofit Video Locker and Worldprofit Tube Introduction and Help



George Kosch takes you through the new Video Locker and how to load your own videos into the system. He also details the new Worldprofit Tube and how it displays the videos that are loaded into the Video Locker.



You can do THREE things with your Video Locker.

1. You can WATCH videos in any of our categories.

2. You can ADD your own videos - as many as you like - there is no limit or cost.  

3. You can SHARE your videos with your social media links.

Here is a direct link to the HELP VIDEO for using and benefiting from the VIDEO LOCKER.

There is no cost for the VIDEO Locker it is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships.

There is one important section of the VIDEO LOCKER that is our favourite. It's the CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS category. If you like the services and training offered at Worldprofit, it would mean a lot to our team if you would be so kind as to record a Video Testimonial about what you like about Worldprofit and how we have helped you build your own online business. Thank you so much if you do this.  

Ready to get started using the VIDEO LOCKER?

1. In your Member area on TOP MENU select VIDEO LOCKER.
2. Watch the HELP VIDEO.
3. Start watching, adding or sharing videos. 



George Kosch is Worldprofit's Home Business Bootcamp Instructor and cofounder.

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